A Cornucopia of Vigilanteness Picture

I haven't had much time lately so I was sifting through my "Vigilante" folder looking for something to put up in scraps but I ended up picking a fair few. I didn't have the heart to put it in scraps because, despite how terribly sketchy and rushed some of them are (I had to keep up with conversation), I'm just so attached to a lot of them.

When my sister and I brainstorm, I just sketch right onto the comp. We save things into that folder that either have character likenesses or names or big scenes or stuff we just think are funny.

Annnd the Vigilante Project. I wanted to introduce this with a nice drawing of Mademoiselle Vigilante, but I've been having trouble with that lately... Anyway, I suppose it was four years ago when I dreamed of making a webcomic called Nollens Vollens. It was pretty much a modern setting but chock full of creatures of lore and legend simply because I love mythology and all that awesomeness. However, I got older and characterization was flat and there was no direction and, eventually, feeling like I betrayed myself (by not sticking with it) I junked the whole thing.

Sometime later, in hopes it would be a good way to practice Flash Animation on my own, I thought I'd animate a little cartoon or something with a couple characters. I flipped through my old sketchbooks trying to think of something when I spotted two minor characters of Nollens Vollens: Mademoiselle Vigilante and Spring-Heeled Jack. I had planned for them to appear once and that would've been it. A kind of one shot gag. They were both just shallow characters meant for a short streak of superhero parody.

They were fleshed out and given names, Adeline Dubois and Jonas Aldershot. I needed more characters, so Vivian and Nullify were created. There needed to be those to oppose so thus the thieves and later the mercenaries were born. It already seemed daunting but I hoped with some good friends and perspiration it could work. My sister started to get involved and helped come up with ideas and characterizations.

But the cast didn't stop growing. First it was just more archetypes to fill. Needed someone who could fly. Peregrine. Pantheon-themed. Cyrene. But then it grew excessively. Who make up the police? Who is the mayor? What about mad scientists? What about the media? Super Crew was meant to be a stereotypical superteam seen only through the news but even they become more involved through various connections. It became Adeline's ambition to join them.

Our current count by our various .txt notes and lists is roughly 100 characters. That is following the rule of "If we don't know what they look like, we're not counting them." The actual list is 97, but that was with several being compressed into one, like the roboticist and her robot, Maestro and his Spell Bunnies. It become apparent a while ago that it had gotten WAY too out of hand to be animated at all. I'm still depressed over that, because it seems like I let myself down again. ... Anway, we can't just give it up so it seems it's slated for comic format. My sister keeps egging me into starting it NOW and I'm just completely not ready. Skills-wise, and just, I need things to settle first. Current situation isn't exactly encouraging crazy drawing productivity, frustratingly enough. Not to mention for whatever reason I have difficulty putting anything up without regretting it a couple days later and withdrawing the whole thing completely.

This is a really important project to me that I thought warranted some post. It started several years ago. I work on it every day these days, just thinking of what happens and fleshing everything out more, drawing and doodling and drawing s'more. The latest addition to the cast happened a few days ago with Flauros as the Vigilante Project expands into its own demonology (I mean, comic books always have their demonology~).

I'm not entirely sure where this leaves it all. I can't manage a commitment like a comic now and it might even be several years before I can. Not to mention crossing the precipice between preparation and actually making it is petrifying. I guess it's just my weirdo obsession for now, for which I end up writing a frikkin' page just ABOUT it without getting INTO it. Good grief. I was only expecting myself to prattle on and on like this if someone asked a question about some of the people.
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