Daddy's Girl 15 Picture

Sorry for the wait, but this page was really difficult. Mostly because of the forth panel. I had to redraw it several times before it looked decent. If you think that all those nature pics that I've drawn seem hard to draw, I can tell you that they often just take me a few minutes to sketch up, but as soon as it's time to draw buildings it's like my brain ceases to function. Even if I have reference pictures to draw from!

Anyway, I've used the palace of Knossos and the "Cyclopean walls" around Mycenae as inspiration for this (btw, I recently learned that they are called Cyclopean walls because the classical Greeks thought that only the mythical Cyclopes had the strength to move those enormous boulders). As time goes by and new architectural styles become trendy, Olympus will probably be a bit rebuilt.

That boy is Ares. Of course the first family member that Athena runs into is Ares. A very young Ares. But still... Ares.
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