Mythological Cyclops Cosplay Picture

I'm not going to justify this one TOO much, but yeah...

Let me start off by saying that Giants (including similar brethren like the Cyclopes and Ogres) are my all time favorite monsters from mythology and folklore.

True, there are far more spectacular 'fabulous beasts' like Dragons or various Sea Monsters, but Giants have more personality, as either great heroes and as despicable villain, with equally extensive stories that go along with them.

And although many of these stories are rather similar (mainly the villain Giants), they still spark my imagination better than the aforementioned Dragons, who really had nothing special going for them outside the fact that they were fire-breathing Dragons.


Plus, Giants are powerful warriors of obviously great size, sometimes possessing strange powers alongside their incredible physical strength. And many Giant tales have also had humorous undertones in them - the offbeat flavor that has always appealed to me.

Giants truly are remarkable creatures, who sadly get overlooked in comparison to more wild monster creations, including modern day characters like Japanese movie monsters, and H.P Lovecraft's Great Old Ones.

Not to mention the *SIGH* overexposure of vampires and zombies, but that's another rant I'll save for another time.


Now that you know my mind set, let me explain THIS failed attempt at a costume!

I was going to go as a mythological Cyclops for the upcoming Am2Con ([link]), with this being a rough mockup for the final outfit in question.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the costume, which was meant to be silly and cheap looking on purpose...just looked silly and cheap.

This especially became apparent (and painfully so) after viewing these otherwise nifty photographs.

In addition to that, I am mainly going to Am2Con to sell artwork at an exhibitors' table, and thus any form of dress up would simply be a troublesome distraction to this more important objective.

But the real nail in the coffin was the simple fact that Am2Con is anime centric. And although anime fans have been good to yours truly in the past, the last thing I needed was trying to explain my costume choice to the more anal retentive, weirdo fans, who would have given me unrelenting grief about it.


Now don't get me wrong, I'd still would love to do a Cyclops, or likewise Giant outfit in the near future...just one better executed than what's shown in the photos above.

And I'm not totally ashamed of my effort either, or else you all wouldn't be viewing it here.

Some quick notes on my Cyclops here; my beard was 'grown-out' over several weeks, just to get that 'monstrous humanoid' look. It has since been shaved back to my usually handsome, goateed self ([link]).

The haphazardly made toga was a large bed sheet, while the single eye itself was done with poster board and sharpie markers. The cut out paper eye was then taped over my own seeing glasses, with multiple small holes punched into the black iris for limited sight.

And then I visited my old friend Ron Howard, who had some of his chemical Goop food laying around, which I wholeheartedly consumed, mutating me to thirty-feet in height, in order to get those low angles against the blue sky.

I was then attacked and killed and by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, for the crime of being very, very tall.

I'm a ghost now.

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