Lazy afternoon Picture

Monopod (wikipedia article [link] )

"Monopods (also sciapods, skiapods, skiapodes, Monocoli) are mythological dwarf-like creatures with a single, large foot extending from one thick leg centered in the middle of their body. The name Skiapodes is derived from σκιαποδες - "shadow feet" in Greek, monocoli from μονοκωλοι - 'one legged' in Greek."

Teriathanin ([link]) had a lovely poll on which of the monstrous human races we would want to be. I recognized almost none of the terms: blemmyae (giants with no heads, faces on chest), Sciopod/Monopod (one legged dwarves), Cyclops (single eye giants), Satyr (top half human, bottom half goats), Cynocephali (dog head, human body)

I thought a Satyr sounded like fun, but the monopod had so many fun references and images that I wanted to draw one. Seems they are always depicted laying on their backs with their large foot shading them (maybe they also mention something about them being pale skin... oh well). No idea how they hop around or what they do, but here is my lazy monopod.
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