mythical robots satyr hunt Picture

satyr hunt

ok not the best of the series so far, but my first attempt to tell a story using my mythical machine characters.

i need to tidy up (flesh out) a background, however i'm 90% happy with the composition. i got a little sloppy with some of the shading and the cyclops looks a lot more asymmetrical than i originally intended.

the club design was meant to look like he'd ripped it from another machine, i think i could add some hanging wires or shredded metal to make that impression more obvious.

i'm happy with the satyrs but i'm going to have another go on a larger scale to show exactly how they look.

for anyone interested in the cryptozooology of satyrs, i've actually based the design on the roman myth of the faun (half man half goat) which is the animal Mr Tumnus is based on in The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. in greek mythology Satyrs are human with a horses tail and are associated with fertility.
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