Circe and Clyde Picture

Two characters from the comic I want to make--hopefully this summer. Neither of them are main characters (more like sidekicks) but I love them so, and they're fun to draw and color because they dress a bit like punk-emos. Clyde is sort of out-going and sunny and should really be wearing polka-dots or something, but he's being incognito. You see, he's a cyclops (cool right? XP) and is trying to hide having only one eye with an emo hair cut. Circe is moody and has two eyes. She is the descendant of the original Circe and Ulysses, and she has also inherited the psychic eye of the three fates. So they both have eye issues and they're both tied to Greek mythology. Fun fact: Clyde was the first character I designed for the comic, Circe was the last.
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