Death Colossus - Ath'Khat Picture

My First Drawing for RIFT Colossus Contest.

When they call about Gigant Catastrophe of Death
i would recall it from Egyptian Historical that has a massive Mythological History, based on that i created this Colossus.

When imagine about a Gigantous Problem.
is when i met a Gigantic Power Field that images as a huge Cyclops that came from a person that is Locked by huge chains and many Spells to keep him away from the realm, as it's power is a mass of Hatred feeling, he creates the Gigantic Power Field images a huge cyclops using an Axe on his left hand, letting the people know about the fear and hatred that he bears with, alongside the bottom of his pyramid melted such Black Flames from hell, and he also calls his minions of hell.
trapped inside the Black Flames came out from it a massive number of Dead Bodies that come back to live, talking about Gigantic Size, i would consider about Gigantic number of Minions, not only that, he calls forth the Armageddon upon those who are very near...

let them be in fear on how you will defeat this Colossus....

Sorry for bad Drawing...
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