Old X-men Fancomic Page 1 Picture

Okay, it's Clare's painful trip down memory lane time... I can't exactly remember WHEN this damn thing was done. To tell you the truth, I'd completely forgotten I'd started this until I found it while looking for old photos. I knew I had the story rolling around my head, but the comic pages... I'd blocked those out. I'd say anywhere between six to three years ago. I know at least it predates the Dark Spider-Girl picture I did (which is based in the same storyline)

The script for this thing is long gone now. I'll sum up the story briefly. It was a typical "Marvel Universe goes to Crap" alternate future (way to be creative there, Clare). Weapon X was legitimized and was known as Department X. They contained and experimented on mutants.

Their pride was Trip, a genetically engineered offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey created by Mister Sinister. His codename stemmed from the fact he was considered the third "version" of Cable, something that gave him a bit of an inferiority complex (you try living up to Cable and X-Man).

During the period before the mutant oppression, Wolverine had children with another mutant. When she was thirteen, his daughter was taken by Department X (Wolverine was supposedly killed during this abduction. But he's Wolverine... You know he would have come back later). She was submitted to the same experiments he was in order to make her an assassin. However, Department X failed to realize her mother's mutant powers: she had been an empath, something that had been inherited. The pain of feeling her targets died coupled with the experiments she went through drove her completely insane. She only targeted her training against her handlers, whom she could sense hated her. Declaring the experiment a failure, Trip was ordered to kill her.

Unbeknowest to Department X, Trip frequently psychically linked with her and got through her psychosis, forming a bond with her. He saw a world he'd never known, one with a family and friends. He fell in love with her through their link. When given the order to kill her, he turned against his handlers and escaped with her.

And that's mercifully all the pages I ever drew for this thing. They would have gone to what was left of the X-Men and.. Something would have happened. No idea what. Don't really care now. It was a terribly unoriginal idea and not something that should be thought about too deeply now.

These aren't entirely the original pages. They were just pencils. *kevinbolk suggested I try my hand at brush pens. I knew it was going to be a bit tricky, so I didn't want to practice with them on something I really cared about (say, the Otherkind or CC). This seemed like a good enough test. And if I could make my crappy old comics look somewhat decent, then maybe I'll be all right at it. I dunno how successful I was. A couple of the panels turned out all right.

Unfortunately for all who watch me, this will not be the last of the trip down memory lane. There are a couple more old comics I pulled out of mothballs.

And YES, I am aware of the irony of my comic starring the offspring of two of my least favourite mutants. But at the time, I liked Wolverine and while I may not like her much, I can acknowledge the importance of Jean Grey in the X-Men mythology.
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