RX:TMR - Herakles Picture

Rockman X: The Missing Reploid is the first part of a fan project I prepared since 2008.
It will start after X4 and the following events will ignore the rest of the official series. The gameplay will be mixed between the classic style with the exploration style of the X series.

So here is Heraklès, the protagonist of this first part. As I said about X on his artwork, who will be the protagonist AND the missing reploid, Heraklès is a modified X. He was captured by a reploid scientist, gets his body modified, gets changed into a sadistic killer and gets his energetic signature changed. The scientist did this to confuse the society about where is X, and benefit the confusion to wreak havoc and establish a Maverick Empire
"Heraklès" refers to the same character in the greek mythology, where the Heraklès from this game has to accomplish 12 tasks:

1. Free the Mavericks imprisonned in the Asylum
2. Deteriorate the treatment of general waste
3. Warm up the conservated food reserve
4. Destroy weaponry supplies
5. Annihilate the majority of minerals society's need
6. Distort the Floating Weather Controller
7. Stole Pass-Thru-Wall knowledge
8. Destroy the Preserving Natural Institute
9. Stole P-Cyclops' works
10.Assassinate the Human President
11.Bring back Zero
12.Mass human Genocide

Gameplay-wise, it will be the same as X.
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