Cybertom Picture

I like to play a little game, now and then. In it, I try to match the cast of a show with their mythological or supernatural counterparts. For example, in Zoids Irvine is a cyclops or a werewolf, Moonbay is a siren or a banshee (depending on your opinion of her singing), Zeke is a gargoyle, etc. In my made up world, Thomas is a human with a genius for artificial intelligence, and his greatest creation is none other than his "big brother" Karl. Come on, did you really think anyone could naturally be that perfect?

But then I thought that would be too complicated to explain for a simple drawing, so here's Thomas as a cyborg.

I like the background and hair. The eyes are slanted differently and I'm bad at foreshortening, but other than that I like it.

Please, no comments about tentacles. They're wires for hacking into computers, you pervert.
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