My zombie apocalypse team Picture

Team Leader- Arc trooper captain: probably one of the most awesome characters in the old clone wars TV show. In the first season he barley talked and use hand signals to order his troops. He was also a very skilled fighter and leader. In the second season he held off an entire droid army by himself and a small amount of clones.

Brawler- Arkantos: The main protagonist in Age of mythology, Arkantos travels across the world in search a deranged cyclops who wished to destroy the world by freeing the main titan(evil versions/parents of the greek gods) Kronos. In the end though, (spoilers) he is killed, washes up on a beach and becomes a god himself. He is also highly trained in use of the spear.

Weapons Expert- Scorch: "Yes! More explosives! You just made my day, Advisor."-Scorch. That explains most of it. He also is trained in all types of weapons.

Brains- "Doc" Brown: He is really, really, smart. He invented the flux capacitor and repaired his deloeian time machine twice. Thats got to be worth something.

Medic-Dr. Octagonapus: What? He has Dr. in his name.

Scientist- Cochrane: He is the scientist who will invent warp drive. He maybe can make some weapons too. Plus, the Ooby Dooby.

Getaway Driver-Anakin Skywalker. He is the best pilot in the republic, Im pretty sure he can drive a truck or car.

Morale booster- Yakko Warner: King Salazar: I know - I'll wish for a million bucks. No! Make that two million bucks!
Yakko Warner: Sounds good to me.
[Salazar is suddenly trampled by a herd of male deer]
Yakko Warner: Just be glad it's not mating season.
[One of the deer makes a romantic face at Salazar] How is that not funny?

Speed fighter- Rainbow dash: The obvious choice, Rainbow is extremely fast, having invented the sonic rainboom, and a really good companion, and even friend.

Demolitionist- Iggy: Iggy is the creator of the big boy, a bomb with a huge blast radius all by himself. Did I mention he is blind and the bomb was made from things found around the house.

Mascot- Misao-chan's revan: Misao-chan's revan is just never angry. She doesn't hate anything and she's just flat out hilarious!

The guy who dies first- Harkun: In The old Republic, if you are a Sith inquisitor, your probably exited, and happy. Then you meet this guy. He is basicly your teacher and he is a JEEEEERRRRRKKKKK. If you are nice to him, he's a jerk. If your mean to him, he's a jerk. He always refers to you as "latecomer" or "slave". He might be a skilled sith, he'll probably start taunting the zombies and get eaten.

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