Curse Position Picture

This was actually going to be a better sketch but the body turned out so wonky that I finally erased most of the picture and changed the body posture a bit to bring to you an interesting tidbit about Irish curses.

Believe it or not, the posture Ireland has assumed here is called the ”curse position”. (I don’t remember if there is an actual name for the position, I call it like that because it is easy to remember) It was a position people would once adopt to make absolutely sure the curse would reach the right person and would carry out the full strength of the curse. The be honest I believe it was mostly a position that bards and druids used, I can’t find much information on common people or even kings using it. You knew you were in trouble when you enraged a bard enough for them to take this position. A rather simple one though, one eye closed, one arm hanging to the side and only would leg supporting you.

It appears to tie in with the mythological creatures that many call either “Irish giants” or “Irish cyclops”. They were actually called Formorians but here is the odd thing about them. They’re almost always described as having only one eye, one arm and one leg. But when they’re in motion they suddenly have a normal human body. There has been a suggestion that the Formorians have the true form and then a secondary form that they morph into when they move. If I remember reading this correctly, the number one might have been viewed by the Celts as an important and sacred number, so perhaps the curse position existed as a way of making a curse more potent.

Hope this was interesting!

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