Balor, newer Picture

So, this is the other pic I drew of Balor. The very first is in my scraps, and he's the one that started it all!

For those unfamiliar with some Irish mythology, Balor is the name of an Irish cyclops. He has one eye, and is a cyclops, and he looks kinda-sorta Irish.

Name: Balor
Age: 7 years
Personality: Very sweet. He loves everyone and has a lot of friends. He's very giving and will do anything if he thinks it will help.
Hobbies: Helping others, picking flowers for sick people, helping old ladies cross the street, making lemonade to give out for free on hot days, loving everyone, kissing babies, missing people that are on vacation, loving everyone and all that nice stuff.
Favorite food: Sweets! Balor it a HUGE sucker for sweets, probably because he's so sweet himself!
The friend of mine that owns him: Lia!
Theme Song: "Oh, It Is Love" By HelloGoodbye

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