Kimon the kyklops Picture

Me: fool he's a Kyklops (cyclops in modern day language) he only has one eye!

Meet Kimon like I said he's a kyklops he is a character that Vas meets in his tavels, Kimon is a bit dull witted when it comes to several things to put it nicely, but he's well intentioned he grew up away from normal kyklopses and more near normal civilization so he's no man eating monster in fact he normally eats sheep and goats which he raises however he is kinda brutish in strength and (due to the witch from the last picture) can actually shrink to a normal size.
(I'm a major Greek mythology nutcase so I wanted to have a cool monster from it as a oc so what if it's a long shot >w<)

(Kimon is a Greek name meaning sleepy one)

I own Kimon(cant really just call him Ki due to Kisagi) ^.^
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