Aspergers what does it mean to have it? Picture

So with the picture I have up I want to have a different tone then my usual funny pictures with my toys or anything else that is geeky in my life. With this picture I want to talk about a subject that is very very close to my heart and that subject is Aspergers Syndrome or AS for short.

As a young person with this condition I wanted to shed some spot light on this very overlooked human condition in all of society these days.

Aspergers is a neurological condition that is classified as a high functioning form of autism according to medical doctors. People born with this condition are not ill at all in anhway, they do not suffer from mental retardation what so ever, they are not physically handicapped in anyway, they mature like just like everyone else around them who doesn't have our condition, and we are said to have average to very above intelligence along with some higher cognitive ability.

This higher cognitive abilities I speak of are things like very creative ideas for writing for stories for some, others being very good at math to the point that some aspies (a term we with Aspergers like to refer to ourselves as) with this skill in math could possible rival even the greatest mathematical minds out there. Some aspies are able to memorize all kinds of useful and not so useful information and remembering it perfectly to the point that when we speak people call us a walking encyclopedia on a certain subject we have huge amounts of information on.

Some aspies remember dates of events in the world and history that they learn or hear about perfect without even trying unlike people who don't have their condition. There are a great deal more amazing things us aspies can do that I right can not begin to tell or explain to you about but I guarantee you if you looked any of it up you would have your mind blown of what some people with my condition can do?

For me my skills are being good take photographies, understanding the fundamentals of Photoshop and being able to make a work of art within a very short time, remembering all kinds facts both useful and useless about things like science that touches on the fringes of science fiction like aliens or zombies along with a lot of other things, my huge obsessive knowledge about mythology from around the world, my ability to remember things in history, my eye for detail when watching movies or looking at a picture, and my huge geekiness when it comes to things like superheroes both Marvel and DC, Pokemon, Star Wars and whatever geeky things catches my interest.

With my great skills and knowledge on the things I am interested in I am severally terrible and lacking of social skills and understand somethings about empathy when it comes to what the other person is thinking.

I along with many aspies like me have these problems of not making good eye to eye contact with others while talking, staying or changing a subject when in conversation with another person, being able to stop talking or not wanting talk at all to other people, not being able to stop ourselves from saying or doing somethings other people see as inappropriate or socially awkward ( which happens to me a lot in my life landing me in a lot of trouble), and we aspies from time to time have will a hard time controlling our emotions and throwing a temper-tantrum which we have a very hard time controlling as we are a sometimes easily provoked people but not all the time as long as people know what things make us mad and not mad.

As a result of these setbacks we aspies have very few friendships that don't last long maybe a few months to a year it really depends on how bad we made our situation with our friends. Since we are so socially awkward we aspies tend to be the victims of a lot of bullying from our fellow peers in school, our neighborhoods, our community, our classrooms, and even work.

We don't mean to be the way we are which others who have met us like to describe as which are weird, creepy, strange, odd and emotionally unable to control our emotions but its just with our higher brain activity comes a greater set back our social understanding of our fellow man.

We aspies are so socially awkward at times we get picked on by our teachers, bosses and other people of authority whom we at first would see as our most understanding person in our life but quickly change as they get to know us more and become just as ignorant about us as our peers do.

Ignorance about our condition is a very common problem for many people who meet us Aspies for the first time and have to be around us. It's just like with other groups of people who were different in history we face ignorance just like them only our difference is more inward rather than our word.

We aren't like that by choice more we are like this due to our brain chemistry which is vastly different from people who don't Aspergers we refer to as Neural Typicals.

Due to being odd and being great in our skills we Aspies are alone most of the time and lack a lot of friends and relationships as I have explained earlier for we are different and most people like all humans fear different until getting to know it better.

On a lighter note people with Aspergers have throughout history have contributed a lot to the advancement of mankind from poetry, to inventions, to medicine to just about anything you could think of these people are:

People in history that have been long since dead who may have had Aspergers:

Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Martin Luthor King

Michelangelo (The great Renaissance painter not the Ninja Turtle of the same name)

Howard Hughes

Thomas Edison

Nikola Tesla

William Shakespeare

and the list goes on......

People who have Aspergers who are alive and we known today:

James Cameron

Bill Gates

Steven Spielberg

Dan Aykroyd

George Lucas

Temple Grandon

Kayne West


and the list goes on........

List of people with Aspergers who are fictional in genre fiction:

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Ironman (Tony Stark)

Michelangelo ( The Ninja turtle this time from the 2012 and 2003 incarnation at least)

Anikan Skywalker

Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

The Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Spiderman (Peter Parker)

Rorschach (Walter Kovacs)

Ozymandias (Adrian Alexander Veidt)

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Wolverine (James Logan Howlett)

Lt. Commander Data


Seven of Nine

Vision from the Avengers

Donatello ( Ninja turtles brother of Mikey)

Briany Smurf

The Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Lex Luthor

Dr. Doom

Namor the Sub Mariner

Beast (Henry McCoy)

Antman (Hank Pym)

Butters from South Park

Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons

Ash Ketchum

Johny Depp's character from Sleepy Hollow

and the list goes on.........

Fictional Characters with Aspergers from just fiction:

Dr. Brenon Bones

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang theory

Leonard from the Big Bang Theory

Michael Scott from the Office

Dwight from the Office

Amy from the Big Bang Theory

Abhed from Community

Senior Chang from Community

The Dean from Community

and the list goes on

See those people both fictional and real are examples of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

So please if you read this post and are now informed about people with Aspergers, the next time you see someone you think is possibly a person with Aspergers don't make fun of them, try to be their friend as hard as it is and help them understand the world a bit better in the most positive way you can as they have a hard time seeing how it works even though they may or may night show a great intellect about things in our world.

I hope my post has helped enlighten you reading this abit more on a very ignored condition that so many people in our society ignorantly oversee.

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