Izumrud - The Mythical Cyclops Warlock Picture

Water, Life, Plants, Nature, Earth, Sand, Magma, Smoke, Fire, Light, Thunder, Sound, Air, Decay, Ice, Darkness.

The sixteen elements of Prasinian Mythology, and Izumrud is the Avatar! An incredibly powerful sorcerer that took the land that became Prasinia as his own and married Saranchi, a bug-human fusion with some spider parts whose appearance is up to interpretation. His soul is scattered all over Prasinia, in millions of pieces. Known for his black hair and green eye, if anyone of a similar appearance is born in the land his soul covers, they shall inherit one of his elements, and one of his mate's creatures.

These heirs are referred to as "Children of Izumrud" or "C.O.I."s. They are the upper class of Prasinia, but also the prisoners. Unless the government trusts them enough, they cannot legally leave the country. Only three C.O.I.s have ever escaped. The infamous cat burglar of darkness Nadezhda Blokhin, and her grandchildren Boris and Ludmilla years later.

Prasinia is ruled with an iron fist by the Light Elemental and Beetle Summoner, Grigori Golovkin. He has ambitions of C.O.I.s ruling the whole planet, as well as using scientific experimentation to improve them. The project of highest priority? Making a multi-elemental to serve as Izumrud's Reincarnation. The candidate for that experiment? Demitri Durakov!
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