Cyclops studies Picture

So as you probably know by now from my journal, assuming you are a watcher and didn't just stumble upon this, I've been having trouble with executing a certain idea.

So I did what every good concept artist does when he or she is having issues with a particular idea. I did some sketching to test out different configurations. Though, I've cleaned these up for viewing by other people.

The first one is what was giving me the most trouble. I kept ending up with something like that, and it never looked right. It still doesn't, and so I will be discarding that. The next two don't really look right either. One's neck is too long and the other....doesn't really have a neck. Both look far too ridiculous for me to seriously consider.

But I am liking that last one. And I think it makes the most sense, anatomically. I still have yet to decide whether this is a mythological being, comparable to a mix between a european style dragon and a cyclops(in concept more than anatomy), or an animal which really exists on that planet. Because of that, I've strived to make it as anatomically viable as possible.

I am leaning more towards the mythological idea at this point, though I believe I can defend it as a true creature if I end up going in that direction.
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