The cyclops' grill Picture

This is inspired by the third voyage of Sinbad from 1001 Arabian nights. In a version I read it was a cyclops who ate his men and started with eating the fattest (Sinbad was lucky he was the skinniest) but I heard there were other versions (before I get stuck in a mythological discussion, even tough the stories of the 1001 Arabian nights are not really mythological... ah whatever).

While drawing this I had to think of a restraunt I saw in Belgium called "Grill the sailors!", afcourse they meant: "Grill, the sailors" but it looked like they were planning to do lots of sadistical things in there with sailors.
I made this one with "ecoline" (I don't know if this name is international but I will search the English word later). I used a crownpen and brushes.
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