Gromlin Picture

"Kings of Monstrosity"

Organization: Anarchy

Race: Cyborg Cyclope

Type: Mage, Part computer

Size: 7 feet tall


- Shoots out a Massive lazer from his eyes

- He has the elements of physics

- Teleports to destination about 400 miles

- Summons exploding energy

- Reads minds( one person or thought at a time )

- Summons waves of physics out of his body using as force shield and absorbing energy

- Can levitate objects and himself

- Gromlin can see all areas by looking through cameras


- Ultimate strength

- Not much of a fighter, but gives great pack of punch

- High intellegence

- Hard armor

- Reflex

- Sharp eye, and brutal words


- Gromlin's chest opens to fire a gamma blast

- Gromlin's arms shape-shift anto any weapons, melee to range


Gromlin is a living power computer of the Anarchy. Gromlin usaully wasn't interested in mission, only when it's personal. His most deadly weapon is his cold, twisted words. A Anarchy member he knew, the Exterminator, agnitises him because they met before the Anarchy was made. So it was unknown why. It is possible that Gromlin came from a world where it is ruled by Greek-like mythology, yet how being a cyborg is not clear yet.
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