Bullsteed's megaton charge. Picture

This art piece resides here.

En: Old picture, dated May 2007. I have pulled it out from shelves and finished at least. Just a pair of bad fat monsters of bronze and steel. This picture must be seen in a combination to second, which will be ready very soon. On this one, beastlike being (which I hastily called ‘Bullsteed’, regarding to his similarity with both of stallion and bull) gets a little advantage over his humanlike opponent. In next picture, humanlike creature will overcome Bullsteed.

Remains of an ancient city are haunted by clockwork beings, which were once assembled for the purpose to preserve territory from the eyes of intruders. Bestial golems. Powered by magic and mechanics together. In old days, as a rule, every golem has been locked up inside sealed section of frontier regions of the city. Or inside vault. Or inside basements of important buildings. And only their creators knew a way to deactivate them.

This forgotten city is dead for a long time, and its streets become deserted. Dwellers have been turned to ashes, and then even ashes gone with the winds. But bronze monsters, metallic brutes and daemons, which are almost undying – still roam around streets and hallways, attacking each other from time to time. Any of them has been primarily assigned to guard only one separate sector, acting alone and never seeing other golems. In this reason, they are unable to work jointly and any of them will be surely recognized by another as enemy. Ancient artificers have provided potential ability to act together for their artificial beasts, but there is nobody now to activate this option. At last, ancient walls begin fall to pieces, urging golems to have a lot of unpleasant destructive meetings.

Outwardly, these walking bronze statues resemble mythological creatures and ordinary animals: tigers, dragons, lions, Cyclops, horses, bulls and birds of prey. Their magical souls based on soul sparkles of real animals or even humans.


Ru: Набросок сделан в Мае 2007 года, отложен в долгий ящик и, наконец, доведен до конца. Двое вредных-превредных здоровенных-прездоровенных механических монстрюг.
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