Hunger of the Mountains Picture

This is a little something that a fellow deviant challenged me to draw way back when, and I finally got it finished today. Behold, the great troll! I had a lot of fun researching this. The challenge was to put my own spin on a classic monster, kind of like I did for the ogre in my drawing Not Human , which can be seen here([link]). The mythology surrounding trolls is relatively indistinct from other monsters, and often trolls and ogres bleed together. However, I found it more important that trolls often bled into the myths about giants and how, in certain myths from the Scandinavian countries, Trolls turn to stone in sunlight, supposedly returning to the mountains that bore them. On that same vein, I made the troll a cyclops, just to allude a little more to the primal powers behind this ghastly creature. This idea gave me enough to work with: something huge and lumbering and primeval.
The drawing is mostly ink on smooth surface bristol board. I used a brush almost exclusively, and a quill for the trees on his back, as well as the birds. The highlights were added with white gouache. Hard to say how long it took, since it was done in two parts, and most of the work was done about 3 months ago. Just the same, I hope you like it, and any comments or critiques that anyone may have on my technique is always welcome.
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