Tempesta Picture

On with the show. Sorry for the delay people, I had to do some stuff. This page is about beings related to storms, rain, lighting, electricity and such.

518) makykaitress: Magnetism, electromagnetism, electricity, its all about the same... well actually not, but who cares. This creature is some sort of fantasy Magneto... with bear paws and deer body.

519) Rayo: The serpent of lightning, the electrical flux that divides the skies and hits the ground with rage.

520) Relampago: The flash of light in the darkness of the black skies that makes for a brief second the night four times brighter than the day.

521) Trueno: The heavy axe of the thunder cracks the heavens and opens the gate that releases the storm upon the lands.

522) monsoon: The dreadful crocodilian creature represents the destructive side of storms and the frail flower on its claws its necessary life-giving face.

523) Shango: Lord of the storms and such... you know throwing spears to the grownd that will turn into rain or something... not really, actaully I made all that up, but that IS the name of some thunder God from some African mythology or something.

524) Inventum: Back to the lame names. Now this shows the technological potential of electricity applied to inventions and... weird devices...

525) Lord of the lilies: I know that doesn't sound that... powerful, but it represent the gentle side of the rain, the one that gives life to everything that grows on every land of the world, each plant, each insect, each beast owes its life to the generous rain.

526) Güeyos: I would say it is some kind of cyclops, but with that eye on its belly... I don't know if that definition would be technically correct... I don't know, it might be able to deliver electrical blasts out of his eyes or something.
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