The Goddess Saint Bridget Picture

Medium: Ink and colored pens on paper
I was inspired by the legend of St. Bridget, who has had an unusual history. Originally, she was the Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. When St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland in 732 CE, Bridget's followers weren't so keen to give her up. So she was converted from goddess to saint. I wanted to draw a nice Celtic knotwork border for this piece. I've included pagan pentacles to reveal her non-Christian beginnings. Please note that they are pentacles, and not Satanic pentagrams! (I wanted to say they represented the powers of good rather than evil because there was one point of the star at the top instead of two. However, I have recently learned that only American pagans make that distinction, while European pagans don't.) Anyway, the well and the cow in the background are there because Bridget the goddess tended to a herd of magical red cows, and wells were sacred to her. As for her Cyclopean appearance, in the story of Bridget the saint, she prayed for God to take her beauty away and turn off her many suitors. In one version of the tale, one of her eyes withered away while the other got freakishly huge. That put the image of a Cyclops nun in my head!
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