It's Hello Cyclops Picture

Just a totally random doodle XD Invented this character off the top of my head while doing Loki's ref sheet since he's the sort of guy to wear stuff covered in cartoon kitties..

From the in-universe wikipedia XD:
'Hello Cyclops is a brand extension of the popular Hello Kitty franchise. According to a statement from its creator, "We realized we needed a product to cater to the growing market of mythological creatures."[1]
Hello Cyclops took off, and is now considered a joint brand equal in popularity[2] to the original Hello Kitty. She is pictured above in her outfit from the original pitch[3], though later the character was released in 'less halloweeny' costumes over fear of racial stereotyping through use of black and red to indicate monsterism. (See 'Case of Teresa Ghoulingson against Hello Cyclops'[4]) In the modern series of products she is seen wearing similar versions of Hello Kitty's outfits, only replacing pink with purple where applicable. Reception has been mixed[5] and some fans protest[6] this as making the character into a recoloured knockoff. In response, Hello Cyclops was released in the limited edition 'World Kitsune Day' outfit[7], which showed a renewed increase in sales.
The Hello Cyclops franchise has plans to expand into a series of 'Hello Cyclops's Friends'[8] including 'boyfriend' Pumpkin Jack and 'best friend' Mitzy Demon (formerly named 'Ditsy' in preliminary sketches, but changed after the abovementioned stereotyping case).[9]'

(No, I have no plans to go write out fake statements from the company to fit those citations XD Its bad enough I can make up so much random info to a character I drew in five minutes XD)

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