Cyclops Picture

Taa daa! More from Divine Destiny (I changed it to be a whole other story rather than part of the Unwritten series)
This is Cyclops, the legendary blacksmith. Don't ask what her real name is, cuz nobody knows. I also don't know what happened to her eye. Anyhoo, most would be shocked to find out the amazing Cyclops is a woman. A woman with a bad temper and sarcastic attidude at that. Yup. She's veery cranky and not a people person. Also, her services don't come cheap. Unless you're a male mage, cuz she thinks they're HAWT. They get free weapons! I really like Cyclops. She's independent and strong, a great role model despite her... personality issues. I also like her hair. And her outfit. Where can I get a jacket like that??
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NekoMimi Studios/ Maddie chan
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