Pygmy Cyclops Head Mount Picture

A head mount of the elusive Cyclops, the moody and rebellious shepherds who ignore the divine laws and prey on unwary mortals.

This particular specimen is part of the smaller, pygmy species that have become quite the pests all over the countryside.

Though smaller in stature, standing between two and four feet, one mustn't underestimate the maliciousness of these monsters. They are often found in small groups and have been known to hunt family pets and vandalize faerie villages.

The flesh has a tinge of realistic sheen and the teeth/mouth area is covered in a thick gloss to simulate saliva. The head was prepared and mounted on a wooden plaque, stained a rich aged-walnut color and left naturally matte.

The plaque is 5.5" at it's widest and 7" in height.
Constructed out of a solid Polymer clay around a lightweight metal core


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