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from santorini (which was mid-day) we took another 2hr boat to crete. this was also after a roughly 2 hour delay that had us sitting down by the port, which is at sea level, which means there is much less wind to keep away the heat. fun.

i also left my new sunglasses (that i'd bought for €8) ON the boat. go me. it seems whenever i go on vacation i lose or break my glasses. i go out of the country, and i do BOTH.

crete is a much larger island than santorini, although they still rent atv's, its mostly on the eastern side which has some of the only sandy beaches in greece, and consequently is THE tourist destination for most young kids.

the day we arrived (after sleeping since the boatride was at night-early morning again) we went to knossos palace, the seat of minoan culture and where mythology has as the location of the minotaur's maze. the thing about the knossos ruins was the guy who found them, uncovered them JUST before the storm season was about to hit, so he decided the best way to preserve it and save it from the rain was to partially rebuild everything. this is like the archaeology equivalent of taking buckets of paint and throwing them onto a canvas and calling it art.

alot of other archaeologists were sort of pissed at this guy since because of what he did, they'd never know if certain things were how they actually were, or just how this guy though it should be. as a result, alot of the signs explaining what each ruin was started with "Sir Arthur Evans believed this to be the (name)" or "(Name) as interpreted by Evans"

after that we had seafood, which unfortunately i dislike. so i settled for potato slices and bread. the owner was sorta joking about it, and the upshot of it was, when i (yes, ME) paid for the meal, he didn't include some of the alcoholic drinks... which were €7-15 and also left my mom VERY tipsy.

i think he was afraid of getting slapped.

finally we went to the aquarium (1 hour bus ride), and the interesting thing about an aquarium that keeps fish at sea temperature, located on an island that is very hot... apparently their cooling systems half failed, so some of the exhibits had fogged glass we could barely see through. deeper in it was fine though. some of the exhibits were pretty interesting though, and they had little camera/periscopes in many of the 'big' tanks. so one of the aquarium gimmiks was a central room that had screens/controls which let you control where those cameras were looking. my sisters had me walk back to one of the tanks just so they could shift a camera at me from inside one, and took a picture of that.
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