Project Zeus: A-L Picture

Project Zeus was activated in the May of 1941, after the catastrophic British defeat at Crete. It was carried out in batches of three troops at a time, with mythological and ancient names and concepts used as thier callsigns.

The first six soldiers were chosen exclusively for their personalities - the project director, Dr. Corey Whitman (a Canadian), desired good human beings over good soldiers. Successful combat tests were conducted in North Africa and during the retreat from Burma.

However, after the first two batches, Dr. Whitman was replaced as director by Major William Eustace. Slowly, the criteria changed, and by 1943, soldiers were volenteering to the unit to escape prison sentences...

Something I've been working on on Hero Machine (mostly 3, but the first was made on 2.5). The backstory is based on the Captain America movie, Project Freelancer and maybe a little bit of the Spartans.

Basically - Churchill's Supersoldiers.
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