ConCrete Page 7 Picture

The story is just now starting to unfold. Death has plans to return this drunken Angel back to the Heavens from whence it came. Though the man Death is working with doesn't seem to excited about the idea. He, alone with the large crowd of people around, believe the Angel is a godsend, and has been something good if everyone had been looking forward to his arrival for so long.

Death's design will change... dramatically, as the story goes on, and this was completely accidental. He turns more cartoony and comical, which is what I think is better than what I originally planned.
And, also, from looking at this and newer pages, the dark speech bubbles Death talks in seem to dissappear. And that's something else I'll have to fix: to keep or fix the dark speech bubbles.

That butterfly is part of a reoccuring joke about distraction. If you pay close attention to the butterfly, you're distracted. However, if you find a page with the butterfly in it, you can comment and tell me. XD Then I'll know how distracted you are.

Hint: the butterfly has shown up on two pages before this one too.
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