Ariadne-Part 2 Picture

Ah, yes. More Ariadne. What can I say? I love dressing up this character in different ways. Though I'm quite partial to seeing her in purple. The first one here is again on the ship and Theseus is still trying to sleep with Ariadne, yet she's having none of it and growing just as irritated of him as he is of her refusal. And meanwhile, her sister, Phaedra is growing jealous and wants Theseus herself (and in all honesty, she has been quite sick of standing in her beautiful, clever, older sister's shadow for some time now). Let's just say that Phaedra is giving Theseus what Ariadne isn't. And the second picture is the night on Naxos before Theseus up and just leaves her there. The reason she's in sexy red? Well, Theseus thinks of this as Ariadne's last chance to prove she loves him and will whole-heartedly marry him. Ariadne angrily tells him and tells him to go to Tartarus. Theseus then threatens to leave her on the island, she tells him to just go ahead, thinking that he doesn't truly mean it and that this just means the marriage is off, but he'll still take her Athens, just leave her off on her own to fend for herself. The next morning, as the myth goes, she wakes up alone. And by the gods, is she pissed and sad at the same time. And the last little purple number here is when she is found by one of Dionysus's maenad's and brought back to their camp and given some new clothes. And things appear to be looking up rather quickly.

Made using Azalea's Dolls goddess…
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