I wish to prevent you from wasting your life Picture

Decided to take part in a contest, folks. It’s about my dear friend who’s doesn’t know what to do with her life.

She’s finished prestigious secondary school this summer but decided not to go to Uni but she didn’t go to work either. She quitted her driving course and started dating a guy who’s much older than. Top cut a long story short she’s taken recently a lot, in my opinion, bad decisions and I am afraid that she will regret them in the future. I would so much like to show her the right way out (the string) of the situation she is in now (the labyrinth). Unfortunately I am afraid that it is already to late to help her, as she seems not to be aware of the dangers that are obvious to everyone else (the Minotaur).

The person in the hoodie is me, the other one is my friend.

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