Ballgown-Cornucopia Goddess Picture

Our Next one is a young maiden from Greece who works at the Roman Museum of Greek history, learning the Roman and Greek histories is not easy to study or work on from schools, books, and the internet. Her other part-time job is being the airplane pilot of JetBlue, being a pilot is fun but hard to drive the plane into the air and landing it down, but she always gets her job done in time. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Miss Pauline Moon!!!! Miss Moon is wearing her goddess gown called the Cornucopia Goddess to resemble the Cornucopia of Greek mythology and today thanksgiving holiday Harvest Of Cornucopia. The dress is lavender with purple sashes, golden coin pins, golden cuffs, golden headband, and red grape necklace.

It is said that when Zeus was very young, Zeus’ father, Cronus swallowed all of his children immediately after birth. The mother goddess Rhea, Zeus' mother, deceived her brother consort Cronus by giving him a stone wrapped to look like a baby instead of Zeus. Since she instead gave the infant Zeus to Adamanthea to nurse in a cave on a mountain in Crete, it is clear that Adamanthea is a doublet of Amalthea. In many literary references, the Greek tradition relates that in order that Cronus should not hear the wailing of the infant, Amalthea gathered about the cave the Kuretesor the Korybantes to dance, shout, and clash their spears against their shields. And when Zeus grew into adult (thanks to Amalthea’s love and nursing) Zeus was strong enough to defeat his father and became the new king of the gods. And to thank Amalthea for her love and care for Zeus, the king of god reward Amalthea by removing one of her horns and made into today’s Cornucopia and transform the she-goat into the legendary creature, the Unicorn. Giving her immoral and magic powers, the unicorn today is to resemble of purity and virginity.
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