Grecia - Greece 09 Picture

:: Grécia. Que mulher é essa? :: PG 09 ::

Viajar, todo mundo gota, mais ainda se for de um jeito rápido de fácil.
Naquele tempo não havia esse jeito rápido e fácil. Não para os mortais… heheh.

Roteiro: Marcos Brito.
Arte: Reginaldo Moreira.
Cores: Marcos Brito.

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:: Greece. Who is this woman? :: PG 09 ::

Everybody loves to travel, principally if it be in mode easy and fast.
In that age, It wasn't facilities. Not to mortals… Heheh

Writed by: Marcos Brito.
Art: Reginaldo Modeira.
Colors: Marcos Brito.

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Tredes: But… Crete is too far from here!

Hermes: Don't worry! [clap! clap!]

Soldier: What are you doing in Pygmalion's home? He is busy making a sculpture!

Tredes: Who is Pygmalion?

Hermes: He is the Crete's king; a great sculptor.

Soldier: You cannot be here!


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