Jalhund the Minotaur Picture

This is Jalhund, a minotaur native to Caranom. Much like the minotaur of Greek mythology, he is a unique and unnatural creature: he was no so much born as he was created by the Phantom-lord Grogna, a Guardian (a deity) of Caranom. He is the lowest-ranking and weakest of Grogna's captains (his rank is actually Lieutenant) but he is still a formidable opponent; much of his power comes from his weapon of choice, the ancient battle-axe named Duliath. He was eventually killed in battle when the Legion of Light came to the town his forces were occupying.

This is the complete, original version of a smaller and darkened picture used to illustrate what Jalhund looks like that I uploaded to my wiki-like site, the Rplegacy-Database.


Jalhund is an NPC in my fantasy crossover RPG, "Dark Clouds Gathering" on my message board, Rplegacy. If you're interested in joining the RPG, you are more than welcome to.
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