Minotaur(front view) Picture

Here is one of the next many of the Greek mythological creatures done in spore.

Backstory of the Minotaur:
On the island of Crete lived a very powerful king called King Minos. The minotaur was created to punish King Minos for trying to outwit Poseidon. Every year King Minos must contribute one of his finest bulls to the Sea god Poseidon for trying to out smart him. One year one of his herd produced a calf so perfect he did not want to part with it. SO instead he tried giving a fake one to Poseidon. Well that didn't work out so Poseidon basically said"ok u like your bull so much I am going to make your wife lust for your bull."So his wife falls in love and what she does is disguise herself as a cow. The bull falls for it and begins to mate her. 9 months later she gives birth to the Minotaur. Half man half bull. Now in this labyrinth which King Minos had the worlds best known builder(at that time)the Minotaur was sent there. And every 9 years I believe it was 7 young male virgins and 7 young female virgins are sent to the labyrinth as a sacrifice to the Minotaur. In which then it would devour those sacrifices.

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