Sketch dump: Minarus Picture

yay sketch dump. new oc, drew her durring math class XD the shecthes done on lined paper where the first two i drew of her. and it just got kinda crazy after that XD.
(the one in the middle is her crying, just in case you couldn't see the tears)

Name: Minarus (Min-are-us)

Breed: half human and minatour

Age: 65 (technically 5,065 yrs old) and still younge (only 16ish in body and mind)

Background: Minarus is the biproduct of a virgin sacrifice that the deadly minatour fell for in the dreaded labrinth. when Minarus's mother fled the labrinth after the minatours death, she fled the island of crete and fled to a far distant land where, several months later she gave birth to the hybrid child. Minarus's mother died six years later from a disease. Minarus was found and raised by a lonely wonderer.

Current location: Minarus is currently living deep within the heart of ireland. she travels from country to country on her whim.

Personality: Minarus is very proud, sometimes arrogant, and can be very stuborn. she seems course and rather mean when you first meet her but it's just a facade so no-one can see the child still mourning and wanting her mothers love. she can be very nice (when she feels like it XD)

Likes/dislikes: she likes sweet things (loves chocolate and any kind of candy), animals, sunsets and sunrises, and the full moon. she dislikes raw meat, spinach and noisy humans.
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