zeus concept? Picture

since the person took down their picture of the zeus character they gave me and wont note me with it, i just gave up and creted my own X3 cause i wanted a zeus character anyways. ARES! HERE'S UR DADDY! x3

though he looks mean he's not. imagine his personality like the zeus from the..... disney? i think it was a disney film called 'hercules'... or however the heck you spell that. Herc. x3

he's tight. since he's supposedly the god of wind and the sky, i decided to make his legs as like, supposed to look breazy but they just look like water... and his back is of course a lightening storm x3 he has some armor and the orange blob was my sketch of laurel leaves that i didnt finish. after all, this is a concept i made on MS Paint XDD

i dunno. i really like him. i just cant make his colors match the ones in my head XD


Ares: .... oh great. -_____-
Poseideon: ^^ brother!
Harmonia: gramps? XD
Aphrodite: O.O -giggles girlishly-
Thor: so you're the king of the greek gods? We should see who's better with lightening x3 -gloats, as he's the norse god of thunder-

and i know i have more but i cant think of any of my other mythology based characters... lol...
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