Europa Picture

The Greek myth goes that Europa was this Phoenician princess who was out one day, minding her own business and picking flowers like a boss, since she had nothing better to do. Zeus, unsurprisingly, fell in love with her and transformed himself into a white bull. Europa saw the bull and how tame it was, and she climbed onto its back. Zeus raced into the sea with Europa on his back and brought her to the island of Crete, where he married her. Yet the myth is still called "The Rape of Europa."

I thought about how much it would suck. Getting carried off to an uninhabited island, never to see your family or friends again, plus marrying Zeus -- which meant that you also made enemies with Hera and every other girl Zeus screwed.

Also I wanted to draw come curly Mediterranean hair. And that circle-line thing is Jupiter's moon Europa, since it would rather kill the mood if I drew Europe instead.

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