Q9 Picture

ARGGGHHH! That Persia, he thinks he's so cool with his stupid arrows and that gaudy jewelry and the ridiculous sacks he wears around his legs! Ggggrrrrrr, it makes me angry just thinking about him!

((The Greeks usually weren't known for their archery skills. XD With skilled archers like Artemis and Apollo and Odysseus in their mythology, you'd think they'd like it a bit more. Nope.

During the Persian wars, the Greeks would hire Cretan archers... but compared to the lighter Persian arrows, the stronger Cretan arrows fell short. Literally.

They may have a short range and it may be impractical to have them guarded by hoplites, but those things are barbed and could hurt like hell if you tried to pull them out, I'll bet!

Besides, the Greeks discovered that the Persians were so good at archery that they really sucked at basic close combat and had much flimsier armour. It was much easier to walk right up to them and hack through them than wasting time lining up their sights. XD))
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