PROTECTOR: Sphinx Sketch Picture

The Sphinx, known in Greek myths as a seductive woman-like beast, whom uses riddles to lure many a men to thier doom(s). In Egyption mythology, we see the Sphinx as a great and powerful God, worthy of a large structure. In PROTECTOR; the Sphinx is reanimated from her gravesite in Crete. She is reanimated for the purpose of hunting down the Negarins (Damien, Rudy and Clyde) and killing them for Nagara. I will not reveal any spoilers after that...

Her structure is taken moreover from the Greek version. I decided to give her an almost 'cute' look, intended to make one let thier (most likely his...) guard down, then strike.

Sketching done over the course of 10 minutes, full verson coming later. This is CONCEPT ART so don't kill me with critique. Thanks
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