Icarus in Triumph Picture

Here be Icarus, a young man featured in ancient Greek mythology. Son of Daedalus, builder of the Labyrinth in which his son and him were imprisoned by the king of Crete, Icarus is widely known for having tried to escape with his father on waxen wings; yet, in spite of being warned by his father not to get too close to the sun, he flew there and his wings melt down, and he drowned into the sea.

...That's as far as the myth goes. But how much of this was actually real?
Icarus is shown as nothing more than a presumptuous rebel, playing with fire and getting burnt. Yet I can't help but see a lot more in him. He tried to overcome the laws of existence to reach the light of his own sun; but his ambition was cut short despite his noble intentions.
That's why I decided to reinterpret his story, projecting the meaning on my own existence. The Icarus deep in my heart never died; or, more properly, he experienced death as a stage before rebirth. And he was reborn as a hybrid between a man and a phoenix: he's a man in his thirst for knowledge and perfection, represented by the sun; and he's a phoenix in his ability to rise again from his ashes, and develop a pair of beautiful flaming wings - which get him even closer to the sun. Flames of success rise high and elevate his existence to higher entities.

This is but my vision: reaching my own sun, learn, progress, and most of all be free, always and everywhere.
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