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Name: Antheia
Meaning: Greek name meaning "flower." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of flowers, gardens, love, marshes, and swamps. She was worshiped on Crete.
Age: 17
DOB: December 19th
About: Born into a rich family, Antheia's mother is an Archaeologist and her father is a Historian. Due the their backgrounds Antheia loves ancient history, specifically myths and gods. Her favorite ancient story is 'The Epic of Gilgamesh' which she proclaims is the worlds oldest slash fic due to Gilgamesh's interactions with his best buddie Enkidu XD She can seem a bit rude at times due to her high standards but she's actually a very nice person once you get to know her.
- She loves gold
- Her fave colour is violet
- She's home schooled
- She's friends with Candela who she met online.
- She only has one ear pierced
- She has never had a boyfriend due to her strict parents and complains about how much it annoys her alot.


some random animasa Neru edit
PL2 hair ripped and rigged by me
blush, headphones *mmdmiki
shoes ~PureBoredomArt
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