The Labyrinth Picture

Crete entering the Minotaur's labyrinth
The whole idea was inspired by HetaOni, I wanted to do my own kind of horror/thriller thing for Hetalia, starring Crete of course.
Basically, Greece is depressed because of his debt, and Crete tries to find a way to help. This leads her to explore her island, and eventually she finds the mysterious Minotaur's Labyrinth. She goes to her brother about the new tourist attraction, in which Zeus (her goat), wanders a little further in than safety would allow.
The next day, the other countries find huge stone walls surrounding them, and curiosity follows as they all enter the Labyrinth.
Crete and Greece then receive a message from one of the Ancients: Rome, begging for them to 'bring them back'. At first they say no, but the realisation of a certain missing goat comes to play, and they enter the Labyrinth in search for him and the other countries, facing dark enchantments mythical beasts and the wrath of the gods.
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