Isis searching Picture


It's basically illustration of myth about Isis and Osiris, here's the part about goddess searching for body of her husband, with two side frames presenting parts of "his" journey.
Personally never worked with Isis, and always were more drawn to Minoan Crete, than Egypt, but as on the other hand I don't don't like it and Bast was first goddess, which draw my curiosity on my pagan path, I jumped on the occasion to work with Iset at least on the creative ground.
It hopefully will be part of something bigger, but at that moment it's not in my gesture to say if it will.

The fading throne symbol is depicting her slow loosing her majestic appearance on her way, as she was later on considered by passers-by to be mere woman.
More likely she stopped looking queenly, or goddess-ly, when she started the lamentations with her sister Nephthys, rather than during her walk, but licentia poetica and I prefer to see it as process of giving in the grief, despair, and simple fatigue, while although efforts not being able to find her love, rather than one outburst based on no sure information.

Although the pic is meant for grey-scale, it still didn't stopped me from loosing a lot of time thinking about all the colours, i.e being tempted to make her dress midnight-blue/black as is the Roman statue…
but in the end went just with darker red and navy sash without tyet, since that's pre-conception of Horus. Well there always will be something in creative process You loose time, even though logically thinking You didn't have to, right?
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