Horaphres Picture

Name: Horaphres

Age: 87 (Minotaur years)

Race: Minotaur

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Height: 8'10" (not including horns)

Weight: 405 lbs

Eyes: reddish color

Skin: Dark grey black fur all over with white white

Religion: Minothorian, Belief of the "Labyrinth philosophy", Worships the Horned Deity

Occupation: High Priest of the "Labyrinth philosophy" and a Oracle

Body type: Some what built but also slim in size

Scars, tattoos, etc.: Has religious tattoos on his back, with labyrinth tattoos in most parts of his body

Apparel style: He often wears a Crete/Greek style priest toga robe with lavishing golden and red colors with labyrinth desgins on most parts of the fabric. He often wears different colors of preist robes for specific occasions and rituals. He adorned with golden jewelery on both of his wrist and ankles. Wears piercing on both brows above his eye, a nose ring with a golden chain connected to one of the many earnings he ears. Two golden jewelery cones on both of his horns, and wears five different religious necklaces with the religious symbols down on his chest. He keeps a broken cuffs and chains near him as a reminder of what his ancestors been through back then.

Language: Minora (minotaur tongue), Common (English), Sevadian, Ancient Mino-Tyndarian language (very few minotaurs knows the language)

Weapon: His staff, two small war duo axes

Story: Horaphres is consider one of the most well known high preist of the Minotaur race. He has been a priest of the Minothorian, and the "Labyrinth philosophy" ever since he was a small. (more will be added later)
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