2008 Medea Designs Picture

From my comic short "The Life and Death of Talos the Bronze", comes my take on the classical figure of Medea - the sultry witch and the object of Talos' affections in my story.

When it comes to Jason's legendary love interest, Medea has way too many different variations within the tales of the Argonauts. But the basics more-or-less remain the same, such as her being a sorceress and priestess to the goddess Hecate. And falling in love with, and then ultimately aiding the hero Jason in retrieving The Golden Fleece.

Some versions of the story also makes Medea the instigator of Talos' demise, either through tricking the giant into removing his own Achilles-like weakness, or through magic which drives the poor bronze man fatally insane.

But for the comic that I've written with collaborator Philip Clark, we took a more appealing (though no less sinister) route, by having Medea simply seduce the simple minded Talos with her feminine charms, causing the giant to fall hard for the (literal) little lady.

Because "Talos" was originally meant for all-ages material, I thought Medea would look more family friendly in the violet / orchid colored outfit, which also largely covers up her curvaceous figure.

But to my surprise, it was Philip who favored my far more revealing, red-magenta alternative instead, which he justified would make better sense, as Medea would be traveling with the Argo-boys at this point. And thus the more ragged clothes were needed while she spent time in the Oceanic sun.

That, and she would have to be as sexy as blazes for an otherwise oblivious giant guard of the island Crete to take real notice.

Regardless of regalia (fancy talk for clothes), Medea's face and overall appearance is loosely based on film actress Nancy Kovack ([link]), who portrayed the character in the awesome 1963 film "Jason and the Argonauts". This also makes my Medea one of the few designs for the short story NOT to be based upon ancient art from Ancient Greece. And who could blame me for the visual inspiration, because Nancy was stunning in that temple dance sequence, pulling off gold body paint way better than Shirley Eaton did, in-my-humble-opinion.

Personality wise, my Medea is more ruthless and openly so then most other versions of the character. And unlike the title "Medea" portrayed in Euripides' Greek tragedy, it's all done mainly for laughs. I'd like to think our version of Jason started the quest for the Golden Fleece, but by the time his new girlfriend came onboard, she slowly and passive aggressively took over command. And although Jason is more then okay with it (do I really need to say why and how), it does become a point of annoyance for him and the other crew members at times (most notably Acastus).

Because of the darkly humorous undertones with the character established in "The Life and Death of Talos the Bronze" short, I would like to revisit Medea in the future; maybe another comedy on who NOT to hire as a safe babysitter?

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