KAS The Cretan Bull Picture

Name: The Cretan Bull
Alias: The Bull of Crete, The White bull of Atlantis(Hyperborea),A Walking Steak(Most Theropod Kaiju)
Faction(s); Rogue.
Alignment: True Neutral
Kaiju Rank: 4

Height: 50 meters
Length: 75 meters
Weight: 80,000 tons

Mutagenic Blood: Its cells and DNA is HIGHLY mutagenic, much like Echidna's.
Fire-Breathing: It can breathe short goutes of flame, from its nose.
Thick Skin: Its skin is thick even by Kaiju standards.
Durable horns and hooves: The keratin that once made up its hooves and horns is gone, no replaced with a harder denser material which can pierce even the hardest of metals.

Not smart: While not as dumb as the Minotaur, the Cretan Bull is still an animal and not really that smart.
Pacifist unless cornered: The Cretan Bull prefers to be left alone and runs from attackers rather than stand and fight, only when it is cornered is when it puts up a fight.

Personality: The Cretan Bull, is pretty much a giant carefree bull, pampered before it's mutation, it is calm and usually mellow. It is only enraged when provoked or in pain. Even then it prefers to run away from an attacker than stand and fight, only when it is backed into a corner will it put its heavy hooves and horns to use. It also likes to be around fellow herbivorous Kaiju, being seen around many Hercules Bison upon its re-release.

History: King Minos II, son of Lycastus was one of the most reviled men in mythology, the monsters that were created by his own madness where equally as terrifying. However it was only myth right?

Truth be told, the truth is stranger and more horrifying than fiction...

The “REAL” Minos II was an Atlantean noble and general, who through a series of events descended into a madness and psychosis which would become legendary. Before his descent into full-blown psychosis Minos was one of the best general's Atlantis could muster, seeking out new territories and fending off horrific monsters. Being that he was the grandson of the first Minos, a man who helped Atlantis established, Minos II had high hopes on his shoulders, he was grossly overestimated.

However, Minos was arrogant, filled with lust and avarice of every kind, he envied the Atlantean Hierarchies above him and desperately tried to gain more power through the Atlantean government. He does just becoming a political powerhouse which, simply put, makes him one of the most powerful men in all of Atlantis. With power comes corruption, and boy was he corrupt.

However Minos wanted something more, he didn't want political power, he wanted ACTUAL Power. This came in the form of mysterious night visit from a stranger. Minos demanded a name, the stranger merely chuckled and said that his name was not needed, and simply wanted to present the “Glorious King of Crete” a gift. The man had a chest with him, and the man simply said the chest would his; IF Minos would allow the man a drink of water.

Minos being a dick, simply took the chest away from the man and told him to “scram” or else the guards would have the elderly old man stabbed with so many holes he would be unrecognizable. The old man begged but relented and wandered off into the night... Later an ominous laughing could be heard in the dark.

Minos greedily threw open the chest, expecting to find some sort of valuable treasure but instead he found two vials filled with a strange liquid, Minos; in anger, tossed one of of the vials threw it through the window, landing in a pasture outside. Little did he know of the consequences...

The next Day, Zeus arrives in Crete. King Minos scrambles to give the lord of the Atlantean empire a true “Crete” welcome. With Zeus and his wife, Zeus brings his prized albino bull along, in which Minos offers his horse's pasture up for a habitat... the very same pasture the vile of horrid liquid was thrown into the night before...

That night while many festivities are occurring, the bovine is munching away, as per bovine nature, until it reaches a small puddle of peculiar liquid, the bull, thirsty from its grazing, and to dumb to tell it apart from water, laps it up....

An hour later, screams can be heard from heard from the Pasture as a now giant sized albino bull is pillaging through the town, Zeus instead of cowering like any other king, subdues the raging beast himself.

Zeus is outraged, his prized bull has been turned into a twentu meter long monster; and still growing. Minos had to answer quickly, or face the full wrath of his king; something Minos did NOT want to experience. So Minos shows Zeus the other vial of liquid, Zeus takes the vial himself so the Atlantean scientists can figure out it's origins. Soon the beast became known as the bull of Crete: The Cretan Bull.

And So Minos got his power, the Cretan Bull was his very own Kaiju, a creature that rivaled Echidna and Pythos and Typhon themselves! Unfortunately for Minos, The Cretan Bull, while, monstrous, was still in essence the apathetic and carefree bovine it had been before its mutation once it was calmed. However, as his madness progressed a new monster was to be born from the Cretan Bull....

Present Day:

Dr. Wilhelmina Lerna had gotten used with conversing with her new “friends”. Keeping up with the giant beasts that made up the Tyrant Squad was no issue either, riding atop the back of the smallest of the group: the giant stoat,Spartacus.

Still despite being a human among Giant monsters, Lerna was never wanting of conversation. The Sphinx in particular had taken a shining to her, for Lerna was curious of all the “truths” of the Greek Mythology. Sphinx told the Atlantean side of things, of course, while the golem Heracles would often butt in and offer the Hyperborean side of things usually. This often resulted in a debate between the two, with Hydra sometimes joining in to create a full blown argument humans would be incapable of understanding.

The conversations weren’t always pleasant, though. Lerna believed their tale of Pegasus and Bellerophon’s tragic and horrible life was the worst act of human hands...she was horribly wrong.

One night, Hydra’s band of misfits had gathered at the foot of a mountain to rest. Lerna suddenly remembered one of the more horrific aspects of Greek Mythology... Crete. If Pegasus had turned out to be a complete monster, and Bellerophon a tragic villain, perhaps the Minoan monsters weren’t as horrible as the myths suggested? She hadn't heard Sphinx or Hydra make any mention of the three Minoan monstrosities that were the Cretan Bull, the Minotaur, and Odioptaurus, and so once again curiousity compelled her to question her gigantic allies.

Sphinx.” she called out.

The feline grinned widely at the sound of Lerna’s voice. “You have more questions, I take it?”

“Why, yes, in fact I do,” Lerna said with a cautious smile. It was still unnerving approaching these creatures, particularly when some of them – including Sphinx – were self-professed man-eaters. “When you were talking of your kin, I couldn't help to notice that three creatures of Greek mythology were missing from your list. Did you perhaps forget any?”

“Forget? Of course not. I would never forget even the least important of my family! These forgotten myths of yours could have been fictional, or they could have been sired by one of Atlantis’s other breeding programs. My mother’s children did not comprise the entirety of Atlantis’s forces – just the elite. Please, give me the names of these un-addressed myths of yours.” Sphinx asked, going from offended to curious in fell swoop.

“Well, I was specifically thinking about the Cretan Bull, the Odioptaurus, and the Mino-” Lerna stopped abruptly when she noticed the horror that had spread across Sphinx’s face.

“Please… do not mention those… abominations. Please.” Sphinx pleaded before going unusually silent.

Hydra noticed her sister’s distress and slithered over, her seven heads each adorned a worried expression.


“Minos!” Sphinx interrupted her. “What became of his abominations? Tell me they died, please.”

Hydra was taken aback with an equally horrified look of shock.

“I do not know. I hope nothing but the peace of death upon those creatures, especially... that hybrid monstrosity...” Both Atlantean creatures went silent for a moment. A thought came to the serpent. “The Hyperboreans might know more, as they sacked that unholy place.”

“What of Hyperborea?” asked Heracles as he butted in, as per usual.

Crete.” Hydra stated bluntly “What became of the abominations there?”

Heracles sighed with what one could say guilt before responding:

“I would like to say they were killed, but to be honest I do not even know what became of those besides the white bull of Atlantis.”

“The Bull of Crete?” Sphinx asked, “Do you know what became of it?”

“Yes. Theseus and I stole it for our masters, who locked it away. I could not bear myself to kill the thing, and Theseus was so horrified over what happened at Crete he did not want to put even more blood on his hands,” Heracles sighed.

“What happened at Crete?” Lerna asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. Heracles stood frozen with terror for a moment before answering:

“We sacked it. We murdered every resident, crushed every building, and burnt what remained to ashes.” Lerna was horrified at the brutally honest reply given by Heracles and the indifferent expressions given by Hydra and Sphinx.

“...We had no choice in the matter. The things the Cretans did… The atrocities they committed on their fellow man… It was unforgivable. Infants! They fed infants to their abomination! They made sport of it hunting down Athenian children before it consumed them! They ate the bodies and drank the blood of executed criminals! They... They-” Heracles began before he was cut off by Sphinx of all creatures.

“As I heard it told, the denizens of Crete were monstrous even by human standards. If there was ever a Hyperborean siege Atlatis welcomes, it was the sacking of Crete.” she said as Heracles flopped down on a large bolder, exhausted from having to remember the trauma he was forced to relive.

“Forgive me if I’m being disrespectful,” Lerna said, “But you ate humans too.”

Sphinx shot Lerna a murderous glare. “I killed when I was hungry, or when ordered to. I took no pleasure in the act – it was merely to fulfill my needs. There is no sin in the violence required for survival. Cretans killed for the pleasure of it, and would indulge in making the pain of their deeds last as long as possible. None of my kin, save perhaps Pegasus, if he can be called such, indulged in this kind of barbarism. I am no Cretan.”

Heracles, Where did you imprison the Cretan Bull?” Hydra asked, trying to change the topic away from such a touchy subject for both golem and Kaiju alike.

Heracles thought for a moment, then chuckled. “That’s funny. He’s just a bit south of us. I recognize this area now. I put it in one of the natural caves - those ‘Earth hollows’ as they are now called - and closed the entrance.”

“So, that’s where Azurex was taking us.” Hydra mused, “Well of the three abominations made by Minos, the Cretan Bull was the most benevolent. It wouldn't hurt to go seek it out.” Hydra was about to slither off when Heracles interrupted her once again.

“You wouldn’t happen to know what became of Minos? He left before we sacked his wretched kingdom.”

Hydra sighed. “I hear he mutated himself to chase down the philosopher Daedalus. He cornered Daedalus at the foot of a Hyperborean fortress in Iceland... the local liege lord, who, while secretly siding with Daedalus, said for them to take a bath. Minos, perverted as ever, accepted...”

“What happened next?”

“Said bath turned out to be a volcanic hot-spring and burned Minos to death.”

Heracles sighed with relief, the load of not knowing the fate of the man behind the atrocities was lifted. Lerna, on the other hand, was once again horrorstruck. In this tale she found a terror that surpassed even the acts of Pegasus and Bellerophon. Her only solace was that the one responsible for these atrocities was gone.

The next day the squad set off south, towards the prison of the Cretan Bull. Along the way they encountered an entire herd of Heracles Bison, whose name elicited a chuckle out of the great stone giant. Amongst the herd they found a great white bull that was far different from the rest.

“The White Bull of Atlantis.” Heracles mused, “Glad to see its faring well.”

“Should we confront it?” asked Lerna from Spartacus's back.

“Not necessary” Sphinx stated “The Bull of Crete is not one of our siblings, nor is it very intelligent. It is simply an oversized albino of the bovine species. Not overly aggressive, though who knows how it retained that temperament living amongst the Cretans.” Sphinx grinned mischievously at Lerna. “And it’d make for terrible conversation.”

Heracles grunted in assent. “It looks happy here. Much happier than when I caught it. Let us continue on our way to Hades.”

“Actually, I think we should make a stop in Crete.” Sphinx stated bluntly.

Heracles took a step back in shock. “Why would we ever return to that place?”

“Simple. Of all the prisons in Atlantis, the Labyrinth was one of the largest, and may have information on where our,” as Sphinx gestured to Hydra “mother may be hidden. Besides, you said you weren’t sure if Minos’s pet monsters were dead. I want to make sure they are.”

Heracles reluctantly agreed and, after spending a “fun” time keeping Tyrantis and Mizzy from attacking the cattle, the group altered their course to make a stop by Crete


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