Mythological gathering Picture

A gathering of 4 imaginary/mythological beings

The Lagois, Manwraith and Bunyip are the sketches of some exquisite corpses that Me and my class in Uni was given the task of producing (A surreal game where you draw a head (e.g.) and the other person adds on a (neck e.g.) and it builds up til' you have a being of some disturbing but interesting value


The Lagois; (Lag-Oh-Ee) This Polymelid (5+ limbed) stands about 8ft tall and it has been seen chasing hapless travellers that wander into it's domain of the Spanish Badlands and Crete where it feeds on a mixture of berries/shrubs and lizards, Birds, Goats/Sheep and occasionally Cattle, Deer and Humans. It is said to have some dragon-like flame abilities but it seems to only use this as a last resort, Commonly using it's venom and claws aswell as it's impressive size to deter attackers/intruders.

Manwraith; Often seen as a Human-headed Giraffe with long hair, The Manwraith is a colossal sized beast, Naturally stubborn and aggressive it will have no second thoughts on attacking anything unfortunate to get in it's way. It's feet can be described as either giraffe hooves or clawed hoof like nails, It's tail almost reaches to the floor and the neck is scaly and covered in small, bony lumps. Manwraiths are a few feet taller than modern Giraffes as their neck has larger/longer vertebra and their legs are longer. They inhabit the savannahs and grasslands of Africa but have been documented living throughout the Mediterranean. Travelling in either small groups of around 4-7 or alone, They feed primarily on vegetation but as of writing this there are no known abilities like Venom, Fire, Hypnotism, Petrifaction or any other mythological abilities

Bunyip; The Bunyip (Not to be confused with the Australian monster) is a low-hung bodied monster that is thought to have the body of a seal with the arms of a T-Rex and a crocodile/man face with large protruding fangs or tusks like a Walrus. The Bunyip is equipped with a fluked tail and sitting on-top of where it's hips would be is a large Bee-like sting, Like Whales it has small limbs that are covered by fat and muscle but it's pelvis is still attached to the rest of the skeleton and floats on-top of a mass of dense fat, muscle and gristle. Bunyips inhabit most of the world, Often in lakes, Ponds, Canals and Reservoirs... One strange case was one were a male Bunyip had swam up from the sewers and ended up climbing out of a toilet in a College/University cubicle where it attacked and killed a student before climbing back into the sewers via the toilet. They aren't afraid to devour and kill humans, Especially young children to teenagers so beware of encountering one of these long-necked curiosities. Like the Manwraith, They have no known abilities.

The bizarre creature (Unnamed at this moment in time) at the top of this image is an O.C of mine and the information/names are also originally thought out by me
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