Harpy Picture

An adult harpy, a chick and the grooming claw

The Harpy is a dark, long-winged, short-legged bird with a short tail. It measures about 90-120 cm in overall length, with a wingspan of 230-280 cm. The heavy head sits on a short neck and features a typical crest and long feathers at the back of the head. Both male and female feature a large craw that resembles breasts.

The Harpy is a scavenger, feeding mostly from carcasses of dead animals, but it will also actively hunt for fish and small mammals.
They have also been observed hunting bigger mammals such as unicorns.
Little is known about the average life-span of these birds. It is approximated at 50 to 70 years in the wild.

Adult harpies have almost no natural enemies but chicks are often killed by stray dogs or manticores.

They inhabit the island Crete and the Greek main land where they nest on mountains and on rocky coasts. They lay a single egg and both parents care for the chick.

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