Myth Origins- Minotaur Picture

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is the guardian of King Minos' Labyrinth and was created when the Queen got it on with a bull or God, depending on what you read. Considering much of the Minoan culture was lost thanks to time, earthquakes and at least one Philistine sacking, we don't really know much about them, not even their true name. What we do know is they had great reverence for bovines, a wealthy kingdom and the palace was massive and similar to a maze.
The Minotaur translates roughly into King's Bull or Bull of the King and the legends went that each year, seven boys and seven girls were sacrificed to the 'monster'. To me, the Minotaur was in fact the Royal Guard, tasked with defending the palace and the king ergo 'King's Bull(s)' or Minotaur. The human 'sacrifices' were recruits into the ranks or mates, at least for the girls. The guards were broader and larger than the average Minoan, ferocious and wore furs which brought rumors they were more animal than man.
The myth goes that King Minos was dealing with his brothers on the question on who gets the throne. Minos prayed for Poseidon's help and the God gave him a White 'Cretan' bull to show his support. After the problems were resolved, he was suppose to sacrifice the White Bull to Poseidon. He didn't. This caused the God to make his wife to fall in love and have sex with the Bull and bare the half man, half bull creature.
In my opinion, King Minos called for assistance from across the sea to help fight his brothers. Help was answer by Greek mercenaries or the Celts who significantly larger and more brutal than the Greeks while also being 'whiter' ergo 'White Bull'. When the battle was finished, Minos turned the mercenaries into his Royal Guard instead of sending them back. Later, the Captain of the Guard and the wife had an affair and bore a bastard child who was forced into the guard so the truth wouldn't come out.
Discussion and ideas for other Myth Origin creatures are welcome.
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